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Leading suppliers of inflatable structures to the world

Specialists in quality inflatable structures for all temporary space projects and events. Experienced in designing, developing and delivering innovative and creative spaces for all types of projects and events.

Our team is experienced in design and production of temporary solutions to projects across a wide range of industries including education, healthcare, construction and events. Our structures have many applications, if there is a project that requires a partition, a covering or an experience created, Optix inflatable structures have a varied range of sizes and designs available or can design and produce something, customized to your specifications.

Optix are specialists in quality pop up structures for rental and purchase. Experienced in designing, developing and delivering innovative and creative temporary structures. We have installed our structures in many venues from stately homes, active airports, exhibition centres and conference halls, rooftops and underground spaces. Our Structures has travelled across the world at varying live events.

Providing rental and sales of inflatable structures for product launches, exhibitions, conferences and experiential campaigns, hotels, classrooms, hospitals, creches, respite centres, nurseries, building sites, warehouses, exercise and wellbeing studios, gyms to the UK and worldwide.

We excel at commissioned projects where a fast solution to deployment is needed. Our creative structures enhance brand exposure with the opportunity to fully customise your pop up structure.

All of our structures are made with the highest grade of quality materials and are fully flame retardant, built to the EN14960 standard. Our fans are the quietest on the market, leaving your event uninterrupted and free flowing.

From single person changing rooms to spacious pop up venues, Optix has a wide range of premium inflatable structures that ensure your brand stands out.

We are trusted by many event organisers, brands, agencies, charities and authorities to provide the highest level of contemporary temporary structures.

We are proud to be changing the skyline of temporary structures with our inflatables and look forward to continuing our creativity forward with exciting projects in the future.

To find out more about us, our structures and design capabilities then why not book an appointment to see our structures in our facility and studios.

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