Green Policy

Doing Our Bit

Our commitment to our green policies are visible throughout everything we do.

We're Green

Recycling: All event waste gets sorted and recycled back at base. We adhere to every change in recycling regulations.

Transport: Every event is different, we try to select a certain vehicle that maximises load capacity without needing to take additional transportation for that event. We have a range of vehicles including short wheel based panel vans, box vans and 4x4s.

Positive Energy

Lighting– We use the latest LED lighting which is extremely efficient and consumes low amounts of energy.

Solar – Installed last year, our offices are run by solar energy and we love it! We use 25% less energy from the grid and when it is an exceptionally bright day we can even sell it back to the grid, what a result.

Laundry– As many laundry items as possible are washed at low temperature to reduce energy consumption.


Optix Do

We have solar options to power events instead of using conventional generators. We have partnered up with the experts in this field and are proud to be able to offer this service.


Optix Encourage

The use of public transport is always encouraged at Optix. Furthermore we promote the use of bicycles to get to and from work. Accustomed to the odd 100 mile bike ride we encourage staff to cycle to work with the ‘cycle to work scheme’.

Reducing C02

To save more CO2 released into the atmosphere, we have adopted telephone conferencing. This also reduces power up times when presenting in front of clients’ offices.

Inflatable structures

As a leading inflatable structure design, manufacturer, sales and rental company, we pride ourselves in offering creative spaces that reduce their impact on the environment. Our pop up structures are made of 95% air, this means that there is not the need for heavy metal work and it’s associated transportation methods. A structure with the capacity to house 100 people can fit into the back of a small van when deflated – the comparable structure in a traditional marquee would be a large van or a small lorry.

Our fans which support our structures are the most energy efficient on the market and have been awarded awards for power consumption reduction.

Case studies

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