bespoke structures

unique | customised | on brand

If you are looking for something that will set you aside from the competition and stand out from the crowd.

Custom Made

As Air Architects, we have a vision to transform not only venues with a quick, innovative and creative space but to shape the skyline of events, making an impact from afar for guests and visitors.

In-house Design

Work closely with our in-house designers to find the right structure style, shape and size.

Live your structure in 3D to visualise what it will look like in the real world.

Use existing artwork or utilize our bespoke graphic design services to realize your unique structure.

Quiet Fan Technology

Delivering the quietest and eco friendly fans on the market, always, as standard.

Air Architects

“Any customer can have whatever colour they want, so long as it is black”
Henry Ford
We don’t stand by this. With the ability to high transfer four colour process print, we can match your brands corporate colours, extending your branding potential and exposure to the public or your industry.