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Shell Scheme vs Inflatable structures

Inflatable event walls; changing your next event.

We believe that everything that serves a purpose should be stylish, ergonomic, practical and innovative. To paraphrase William Morris’ well known design quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. This affirmation can mirror in events as it is does in your home. At Optix, we believe that objects, no matter how simple or no matter what purpose it serves should be something you’re proud of and that makes a statement.

The events industry relies on teams of event organisers, suppliers, technicians, crew and venues to pull together to provide a place to showcase, entertain, educate, train, market and sell. Events are renowned for their fast installs around the clock ensuring that all is customer ready and client facing. To do this we require audio visual, carpet, lighting and power, branding, furniture to name some of the essentials. But what about creating spaces within an event? Creating spaces within an event is often the largest section both in management and production for an event. From small meeting workshops within grand halls to breakout theatres in exhibition spaces, venues no matter what size, still require temporary spaces within. So why not make these temporary spaces eye catching and a real focus?

We feel that delegates and guests to your event should experience design-led innovation wherever they look, no matter how subtle. Until recent years, venues had to separate halls and rooms with shell scheme and hung drapes to break up sections. Temporary event walls are a necessity to guide traffic flow and divide sections for privacy and area separation.

Our range of pop up, inflatable walls and inflatable partitions provide a remarkable visual impact on any event, creating wow factor and adding value to your event. Stand out and prove that your event is high profile and a market leader in its field.

The majority of time spent at a conference, trade show or exhibition in one place is a theatre, seminar, workshop or meeting space. These places are the perfect opportunity to inspire through a professionally lit creative space. Our inflatable wall systems and contemporary indoor structures are the ideal solution to this whilst monetizing your event through sponsorship. Our designs of structure are the perfect blank canvas for branding and sponsorship or advertising space for sponsors or partners.

Other benefits to using pop up event structures and walling to other methods include:

  • Looks fantastic lit or with projection effects. Our lighting systems sit within the cavity of the structure so the effect of the light is seen but without the physical housing of the lighting in sight, leaving a glowing structure, all via a remote control.
  • The perfect subject for branding. With temporary on-site branding you can realise your brand’s logo, sales message or space identification in full colour process print.
  • Sound reduction: Our contemporary event structures and walls help to reduce noise travelling within an event. The inherent inflatable design provides an air cavity wall that baffles sound waves as it passes through. A roofed inflatable structure would increase noise loss even more, along with freestanding glazed door units.
  • Guiding flow of traffic: Usher and direct streams of people through tunnels and walls.
  • Speed of installation: Time sensitive projects, installs and de-rigs take careful planning. Our structures are incredibly quick to setup and de-rig. A 150 person structure can take as little as 15 minutes. This solves one of the biggest issues with live events – creating spaces in a short period.
  • Removing any unsightly cables and electrics. This can be remedied by housing cables within the air cavity of the structure with the lighting.
  • Meet your CSR expectancy: Our structures are made of 99% air, this means we require smaller and lighter goods vehicles to travel to and from events. A small van can hold up to 20 structures housing over 500 people, therefore reducing fuel emissions.

We’re experienced and recommended by major exhibition halls and centres, conference venues and hotels. So join the host of forward thinking event organisers that have made the move from traditional style event walling and partitioning to inflatable walls and structures. Your customers and events deserve it.