Honey I Shrunk The Shoppers Prop Exhibition in Shopping Centres

Featuring Large Life-like Props

Hand made and installed by Optix

Honey I.... Shrunk The Shoppers...

The Brief: To design, produce and install a selection of enlarged hand made props across two shopping centres for the school holidays.

Giant Props

The Objective: To provide shoppers with a unique experience of visuals. The aim was to go with a ‘honey I shrunk the kids’ theme where everything was up-scaled massively, running over the summer holidays. Optix hand made 4 centre piece larger than life props. We sewed, formed, sculpted and painted our way through a giant dropped ice cream, a huge mushroom, an enormous rubix cube and a massive Daisy.

Design & Build Installation & Storage

The Result: These larger than life fun props were situated in the heart of the County Mall shopping centre. These extremely fun-to-make props can be seen from a long distance which draws the crowd in and becomes a popular topic of conversation and social media. We’re really proud and pleased with the result as were our happy clients.

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