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We've teamed up with London's Hot Yoga Society for this exciting project.

Hot Yoga Society

Founder of The Hot Yoga Society and Cyclebeat, Olga Allon; with studios in London Bridge and Cyclebeat in Bank, approached us in 2016 with a brief to expand the experience currently offered by the well known hot yoga brand.

Bespoke Inflatable Structure

The Hot Yoga Society provide Bikram yoga classes at the core of their offering. Bikram yoga is a sequence of postures, moves and breathing techniques performed in a heat of 37+ degrees. Since 2005 The Hot Yoga Society has been providing a haven for yogis hooked on this invigorating practice. Bikram yoga has seen a huge boost in popularity due to it’s many benefits, with athletes such as Andy Murray taking a mat in Olga’s class.

Architecture and Design

Previously an architect until 2003, Olga’s brief was to combine her love of yoga with her passion for architecture and design, the new location for hot yoga within Cyclebeat presented an opportunity to do just that.

Site Visits

On our first trip into the venue for a site survey, we came across some design obstacles that had to be considered when drafting the blueprints for this bespoke inflatable design and production project. Firstly, the space at Cyclebeat was a semi-outdoor area, sheltered by the wind and rain but open to the cooler ambience and fresh air of the outdoors. Heat retention was a major factor in this project succeeding. In addition to this, the proposed space was quite awkward, a 3m wide walkway runs through the centre of the space only permitting 2m of head height.

Great for Insulation

Our structures are designed as inherently great insulators due to their air cavity wall construction. Coupled with a number of energy efficient fans, the bubble gets up to the optimum 37 degrees in a very short space of time.

Multiple Elements

The structure was designed in 5 elements so that it could be made into a modular solution if the Bubble were to float to other venues. These 5 elements weigh no more than 32kg over two 16kg bags, making it portable and easy to store if required.

As this structure would be a semi permanent installation in the space, all of the floor space had to be filled to maximise the footprint of the structure, resulting in the opportunity to make it accessible for more users. We took our measurements so that the inflatable would mould into the space avoiding any installed wall mounted light fittings, doors, wall outlines, fire exits and ceiling heights.

Development in Production

After 3 days of design and development; 6 weeks of production and testing, we were ready to install. Our design incorporated an integral routed cable management system to supply the fans, heaters, humidifier, lights, and sound system.

Incredibly simple to setup and install, the inflatable structure now known as the Hot Yoga Bubble takes under 3 minutes to fully inflate.

Mood Lighting

Remote controlled mood lighting can be adjusted from within the structure to flow through a certain series or to colour select depending on the section of the class. The brighter colours cycle in an uplifting sequence whilst a deep red can be selected during the Savasana relaxation.

Exterior vs Interior

Black on the Bubble exterior, the structure reduces as much ambient light as possible to the interior. Inside the Bubble the lighting system gives a perimeter based halo-like glow that adds a lovely soft radiance and reflection from the silver sheen of the interior walling.
Using state of the art quiet fan technology, users are surrounded in a calm, warming and relaxing environment. Once the Bubble has been fully inflated on setup, the fans run on the minimum airflow required to keep the Bubble in position and looking great.

Yoga Enthusiasts

If you’re a regular hot yoga enthusiast, keen yogi or just want to experience the craze of hot Bikram Yoga inside the otherworldly Bubble, then why not take advantage of the Double Bubble introductory offer here at the Cyclebeat studio in Bank.

Structure Management

As well as hire and purchase of slightly more generic inflatable structures for indoor and outdoor events and projects, we at Optix are open to commercial bespoke projects that require a creative space to solve any structural puzzle.

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