Inflatable Clinic

As designers, producers and installers of creative spaces for all types of projects, products and installations, we commonly get the opportunity to create a space for many different purposes across many different sectors. Back in early 2018, we were approached by a forward thinking private healthcare company to design and produce a mobile phlebotomy clinic, a space to perform health checks and blood samples in heavy footfall and convenient spaces, such as shopping centres and airport waiting rooms.

Pop Up Surgery

Pod Health, provide Convenient Healthcare using innovative ideas coupled with socially responsible ethics. Their strategy to combine a stylish and welcoming, next generation doctor’s clinic to focus on disease prevention and work with patients to ensure they have a happier and longer life. They use a combination of medical expertise, advanced computing and statistics combined with expertise in lifestyle modifications, disease prevention and treatment to help patients live healthier lives.

Clinician's POD

Zeeshan Akthar, Founder and CEO of Pod Health’s vision to create the future of convenient healthcare was realised when the company commissioned Optix Structures to develop a bespoke clinic which had an inviting feel, integrated with technology and contemporary style. The mobile clinician’s pod would represent a practical layout including a patient’s waiting room and a clinical side for doctor-patient appointments.

Convenient Healthcare

Patients can book online to receive checks for thyroid, sexual health, diabetes and also genetic screening, health event prediction and cardiovascular screening within the inflatable clinic. The pop up surgery makes getting a health check easy and efficient when going about your daily tasks.

Portable Surgery

This portable doctor’s clinic inflates within 2 minutes and can be moved from venue to venue with relative ease. The exterior depicts a cool glowing, modern padded pod with internally routed mood lighting. Branded logos are applied onsite and can be changed from location to location maximising brand awareness and flexibility of sales message.

Integral Technology

Integral, inner mounted 4k screens sit within the structure and appear to hover within the padded walls. On these screens promotional footage and registration instructions inform intrigued passers by of the service. Similar to the TVs,

Interactive Displays

Passing through the freestanding glass front door, a waiting room hosts the clientele with comfortable modern armchairs. Tethered iPads and a TV screen welcome guests to the service whilst enjoying some refreshments from the mini fridge and tea and coffee station.


  • Unique daily access code entrance door activation system
  • 4 x 40” UHD 4k TV internally mounted within air cavity wall, disguising the support stand
  • Integrated interactive iPad displays shown on structure exterior with invisible stands.
  • Discreet Specimen sample deposit box
  • Freestanding locking door systems
  • Temporary applied graphics
  • Removable dust and fingerprint covers for all screens, attached to structure
  • Remote controlled LED mood lighting

Modern Thinking

Moving through into the doctors side of the portable clinic pod, a doctors workstation including a fridge for samples neatly edges the inner perimeter in a sleek high gloss white. Abstract artwork is hung from the wall which disguising the rear of the externally facing TV screens. On exit, a deposit box aids the discretion of taking samples for the patient.

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  • Solid floor with modern and hygienic finish
  • Inbuilt iPads into workstations with security and data cable
  • Free standing daylight lamps to produce exceptional clinical working light
  • Tea and coffee station
  • Wall mounted abstract artwork
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Undercounter, discreet specimen fridge
  • Doctor’s workstation and storage, custom routed worktops