Iraq Inflatable Cube

The Brief

We get many enquiries for creative and exciting events, but when the phone rang from an international number one morning back in 2014, we were certainly not expecting a request from the Middle East, especially not from Iraq. The caller was from a leading worldwide media agency. Their client; a worldwide lifestyle brand, was in search of a contemporary air supported structure for an experiential campaign for its customers.

Ever the enthusiasts and revelling in challenges, we won the contract against competition from other leading inflatable structure companies and we were given the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Objective

We were commissioned to produce a bespoke 12 x 12 metre made to measure air supported cube structure that would be used by the brand for its experiential, promotional event.

The Result

This project was a massive honour as it meant that Optix was the first event company outside of the Middle East to work within Iraq since the Gulf war.

As the structure was made to measure, it was modelled perfectly to market the company brand and desired effect. The event was a massive success, with Optix forming links with the media agency for subsequent events.

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