Pop Up Cube

Lit by the red sun a few weeks ago, our team of inflatable architects set to work on installing our inflatable pop-up cube for a 1-day official launch in London

Inflatable cubes For Official Launches

A one-day official launch took place at Westbourne Bus Garage. With a large number of guests arriving and needing a temporary a temporary sheltered structure, our pop up cube was the perfect fit for an event such as this.

From an empty bus garage to a pop up press launch for 60, built within 3 hours. The inflatable cube is one of our most popular structures within our pop up inflatable structure range.

Time Sensitive Events

All events have a deadline of when the job needs to be completed by. Optix have created fully tailored packages for all events which can help to save precious time.

Thank You

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Splento team for the great pictures taken from the event. If you need a photographer for a future event, we highly recommend Splento!

Pop Up London

Inflatable pop up cubes are an ideal structure for any event with time-sensitive installs and de-rigs.  This project, set in a busy west London bus depot had very tight windows of opportunity for logistics, installation and production and also de-rig and departure before dozens of London buses would return from their daily routes.

If you are yet to use a Pop Up Cube for your next launch event, roadshow or experiential campaign then there are many benefits including

| Fast installation and de-rig | Sound baffled design | Air cavity insulated walls | Can be sited on any surface | Range of sizes for any type of event | Internal cavity lighting | Invisible ballast | Stand out and make a feature of your temporary event structure by making your next choice an inflatable cube