Motorpoint Arena At the Motorpoint Arena

Our 12x6 Airoof

For Group Auto

The airoof at the motorpoint Arena, bringing our structures to anywhere, for any event. The airoof stood out in all of the shell scheme stands for Group Auto. If you really want to show off your product and get people to notice, then inflatable structures is the way to go.

Setting Up For The Trading Show.

Group Auto airoof, which happens to be one of the most popular inflatable structure to have for showcase events took a trip to Wales last week. In the heart of Cardiff’s City Centre stood the Motorpoint Arena, where a motorsport showcase was taking place for a one-day event.

What The Airoof Could Be Used For

What the airoof can offer in such a big space is one; it stands out in amongst the exhibiting shell scheme because of it’s size. Two; it stands out from the other end of the exhibition center due to it’s inflatable presence.  Three; it gets people talking, you may have the same product as someone else, but using our structure as part of your show makes your company and product more memorable.

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