Pop Up Charity Production

Inflatable modular systems make for creative event production scenery

Annual Productions

After hearing on the event production grapevine about the annual production held in Black Island Studios, we were delighted to hear from ‘Hurry Up & Wait Productions’ for That’s a Wrap 3. TAW needed a structure that was modular with a wide aperture to suit stage 6 in the London studios to house 200 film industry crew for their Christmas party in aid of charity. The other request was to have a structure big enough to drive a bus into, literally.

Themed Production

Adjoining two of the 12m Airoof structures to create a 12 x 12m gave a clear span space for a stage set production of the Breaking Bad theme running throughout.

This particular structure is flexible in terms of having a large aperture that can house large set designs or one piece items such as a bus or a Winnebago. Vehicles can be driven in after the first structure has been installed, subsequent pop up airoof structures can then be installed around the vehicles.

Attendees were greeted with a modern fast hangar-like structure ideal for their themed event.


Modular Installation

The fast installation of this modular inflatable space ensured the production crew had maximum time to produce a cracking set.

Photos by edwardbishop.me