Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures have many uses and needs across many industries, sectors, businesses and product designs.

The Design

Inflatable structures can be designed and produced to most the creative and also practical of shapes and sizes.

Their design, quick installation and style make inflatable structures the ideal basis for many projects and products.

The Materials

Materials used are lightweight, flame retardant, waterproof, with an inherent strength using anti-tear technology.

Full-scale print is easily realised, allowing branding to stand out on a product or structure or to sympathetically blend in with its surroundings on a building project.

Easy Trasnport

Portability is a huge benefit when rapid deployment is needed. Made of 90% air, Optix inflatable structures pack down to a fraction of the inflated size, making it easy to move about in small cars, vans, and even in suitcases and backpacks. This is very important to us at Optix Structures and our beliefs in being sustainable.

Rapid Deployment

Speed of setup and take down means you have more time to do the things you do best, whether that’s teach a class inside the structure, continue construction in a dry environment or engage delegates and customers at your events. Our structures pop up in a matter of seconds for a Children’s Sensory POD whilst our larger domes for up to 1000 people take as a little as an hour to inflate.

Tangible Integration

Integration of bespoke inflatable structures into projects is achievable through the design process. We can incorporate all the usual materials you would find in an engineering or construction project, from aluminium profiles to joinery and cabinet making. Also, technology such as lighting, speakers and visual screens are easily designed into each project.

The Experience

What inflatable structures do really well is produce an atmosphere. Being surrounded by an immersive experience focuses attention and captures people’s imagination. Especially in the education, hospitality and events sectors, inflatables have been creating engaging spaces to immerse users and guests. You can witness this for yourself at our showroom facility, by appointment.

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There are no limitations when using inflatables for a temporary space, shelter or covering. We’ve been changing the skyline of innovative spaces for many years across the world, talk to us about how we can help you achieve your perfect structure or partition.

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Design Choices

The different styles and designs of inflatable structure Optix design and produce can be found here so you can decide which inflatable technology options are available to buy or incorporate into your bespoke project.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include insulation through both heat and sound. An air cavity wall, integral to air flow structures acts as a fantastic insulator, encapsulating warmth and sound from the inside. The air sandwiched between two pieces of coated material baffles sound to an extent and also creates a semi sealed space to avoid heat loss in colder locations.

Privacy is a huge factor when creating spaces, not only visually but audible. Our customers find that sensitive conversations can be held within our air flow, binary and twin skin sealed airbeam options.