International Inflatable Packages and Projects

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International Inflatables for all event types

Offering inflatable international services.

International Rental Options

With no time limit on our rental packages, international events have never been easier to put on. Check out our great package deals, suited to any event, any time, anywhere.

International Purchase Options

We offer the full purchase range so that you can have full ownership of your very own inflatable structure. Once you have it, you can use it time and time again.

Offering Structures To International Clients

Optix are more than happy to work internationally for any of our clients.

Previous Work

Having worked previously in Iraq with our cube structure, distance is never an issue and transport of the structure is dealt with in the most professional manner to ensure that our structures come to you in pristine condition.

Panoramic In Rome

When transporting our structures abroad we take extra care with all our products to ensure that they come in immaculate condition for your event. Along with a team of fully qualified air architects to construct our inflatable structures.

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