Sound Reduction

Quiet Fan Technology

"It's Oh So Quiet..."

latest technology

With new advancements into silencing and air turbulence diffusion, you can now benefit from our advanced silent fans. Awarded quietest in their class, our fans also boast some of the lowest power consumptions on the market at just 40 watts, comparing the normal 120 watts minimum for powering inflatable structures. This is just one of the environmental factors that we instill within the Optix Structures service and ethos.

zero impact

We are very proud to offer the quietest air-supported structures to event organisers that are looking for either the latest products in technological advances or just a quiet event with no noise pollution.

In comparison to competing inflatable structure fans, the fans we use are on average a third quieter in decibel output.

Sound Conscious

Our portable, silent fans are great for any conference or pop-up meeting where public speaking is featured highly.